In 2011, Thailand faced a serious flood. Different organizations, areas, businesses, and industries experienced severe damages. As a result, the economy was a downturn and the asset was also seriously damaged.

Sun Chan Engineering Co., Ltd. imports DAYU flood protection product as Knock Down aluminum flood barrier which is strong, high-resistant to pressure, light-weight, easy to install, and convenient to use to prevent and solve the damage to your valuable asset and life due to the flood with high efficiency instead of using the traditional ways such as sandbags, concrete wall casting, and pumps.

The company is welcome to provide suggestions about flood protection methods and survey the area to design the appropriate design depending on each area. The company truly hopes that the company can participate in flood problem solving efficiently.


DAYU, Knock Down
aluminum flood barrier for flood protection, is removable when it is not used. 

Properties and features of the product are follows:

Easy to install and convenient to use. Take a little time to assemble by only one person.

Can be assembled as right and left sides or upper and lower sides according to the situation.

Aluminum sheet is strong and can resist high pressure. The weight is light. Easy to assemble and there is no limitation to assemble sheets in order.

Easy to store and need a small space.

Only one-time investment to save time, space, and labor. The most important thing is to protect your valuable asset and life safely.

flood protection product
from Taiwan.

   Aluminum flood barrier sheet which tested for the strength and coated with Anodize. The material is 6030T5 hight 25 cm./sheet with 2mm-thickness. The net thickness is 3 cm. the weight is 3.7 kg/m. It is designed as a double groove for inserting Rubber Seal EPDM Sponge for waterproof. It is also removable immediately without glue and the rubber is weather-resistant.

   Side and middle column are 6063T5 aluminum with a stainless spindle. The level adjustment system is available for adjusting the level of the flood barrier sheet according to the level of the water. it is convenient to access. For example, if the level of water is 10 cm, a single sheet can deal with the water without the full installation and the order of installation is not required.

   The bracing is SUS304 stainless steel which is highly string and durable.
   The groove is SUS304 stainless steel which has 2 types, U-shape and flat. The groove is installed at ground level and covered by a lid. The aluminum groove is safe and does not affect accessibility. U-shape groove will prevent the water and resist the water pressure well. For the flat groove, the pressure is required to press the sheet.

   Groove lid is 6063T5 aluminum which is strong and can be loaded well.

   Alloy lock is designed as a hook that can be used to lock tightly although it is impacted or applied by high water pressure to increase the great safety.

   The storage when it is not used can be done orderly to prevent the loss and requires a little space to store.




Every flood protection product is obtained the rights certification, tested the strength, and loaded by water pressure for every sequence by Cheng Kung University and Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.

Any model, equipment, product, content, and component are not used for the commercial purpose or business benefit otherwise it is considered as the piracy of Sun Chan Engineering Co., Ltd. and will be prosecuted according to the law.

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